Kids' Corner

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Type: Cookbook
Anna Polyviou, pastry chef extraordinaire, knows how to wow people with her sweet treats and utterly unique style. The award-winning Punk Princess of Pastry is known for her wacky, eccentric, imaginative and out-of this-world sweet creations. Anna's quirky urban street style, distinctive hot pink mohawk and super fun and approachable personality make her a hit with kids. So it's no surprise that she's made a kids' cookbook. 

Kids' Corner channels all Anna's signature trademarks- it's fun, colourful and creative. It's also informative, with recipes that kids can easily follow (with the help of a parent). Created with the family in mind, Kids' Corner includes recipes for brekkie, favourite lunchbox meals, yummy frozen treats, a fabulous birthday party spread and even magical desserts and sweet goodies to make at Christmas-time.

Including an introduction by Anna spilling all the beans about herself, includung her amazing journey from a chef's apprentice to Punk Pastry Queen, and her inspiration (and where she find it), as well as tips and tricks throughout the book, Kids' Corner is bound to excite and inspire burgeoning little chefs everywhere. 

About the Author

You could pick Anna Polyviou out of a line up from afar- piecings, a hot pink mohawk, colourful G-Shock watches and rad high-top sneakers. But it's her wicked drive for fun and love of breaking the rules that has taken this pastry chef to a whole new level. Her crazy love for street art and DJ-ing have her standing out from the rest. This award-winning pastry chef walked into Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney 3 years ago and transformed the pastry team. She is also she is the driving force behind the revolution of patisserie in hotels around Australia. Anna has been a guest judge on MasterChef Australia for the past 3 years and is the host of the popular TV show Family Food Fight.