Mint 'Peppermint' Heirloom Seeds

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Botanical mint, which is most closely aligned in flavour to peppermint, is a fast growing aromatic herb belonging to the Mentha family. Due to its prolific growth habits the plant is quick to become root bound in small pots - which will strangle its health - and so growing in larger pots is recommended.  

When to Plant

Zone 1: September - April
Zone 2: September - May
Zone 3: Anytime
Zone 4: Anytime

For zone map CLICK HERE

Soil  It will grow in a wide range of soil conditions from free draining to damp. Make sure to integrate with plenty of compost and look to feed one a month with seaweed extract

How to Plant  Sow directly into a container and let it germinate and establish there, as mint can be invasive and a bit of a bully. Plant at least two seeds in each hole and keep moist until germinated.

Position  Full sun to shaded, it will survive and thrive in most light conditions.

Spacing  30cm     

Depth  0 – 1cm     

Companion Plants  Tomatoes & Cabbage, but best to grow alongside in its own container.

Approximate no. of seeds  250-300