Peach Snaps Game

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Type: Games

Peach Snaps is a juicy game of fast reactions. Set up the game by dealing out the entire pack of cards equally between the number of players and leaving one card in the middle to start the snap pile.

Each player must then draw the top 3 cards from their respective
draw piles to create their hand (make sure the other players don’t see your hand). Snap down any card from your hand onto the centre piles each time there's a match by colour , symbol or number. Only when you have used all three cards in your hand are you able to draw a new hand. Everyone plays at once in a furiously fast race to get rid of their cards fast.

To make things even more fun, there are action cards throughout the pack - a freeze card, a new peachy pile card and a clear hand pile. Any card can be played on top of an action card.
When you play the freeze card you are then able to nominate any player who then can not play until 5 cards have been played in the game.

The new peachy pile card allows you to start another brand new pile in addition the the main snap pile.
If the clear hand card is among the three cards in your hand you are able to discard your entire hand onto the snap pile with the clear hand card on top.

The first player with no cards left wins by saying 'Peach Snaps!'