Billes & Co - Mini Box Rainbow Marbles

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Type: Marbles

This mesmerizing  Rainbow Marbles Treasure Box offers plenty of simple, authentic, pleasurable ways to play and stimulate the imaginative and creative minds.

Go on an adventure with the rainbox box, the one that makes you happy through this box of 25 gorgeous marbles in the bold and vivid tropical colours.

This beautiful collection of marbles will help your child's development and sparks all kinds of imaginative play - from practicing fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination, acquiring aesthetic vocabularies (colors, shapes, textures), sorting, counting, sensory exploration, to using them for pretend play and creating novelty games. These stunning collectable boxes will be part of your child's precious memories and be treasured beyond childhood.

Billes & Co.'s marble treasure boxes are exceptional objects, designed and produced as works of art, all marbles are selected from among the most beautiful in the world, curated with thematic and colorful assemblies, all sorted and arranged by hand. Designed and handcrafted in France with quality and 100% recyclable materials, presenting the natural materials of cardboard box, paper compartments, and glass marbles in the most aesthetic ways. 

Includes : 25 marbles (⌀16mm)

Size : 8.5L x 8.5W x 3H cm 

Made in France.