Billes & Co - Mini Box Space Mission Marbles

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Type: Marbles

We have lift off! A space inspired marble treasure box, the Billes & Co Space Mission Marbles Mini Box includes 26  glossy glass marbles in deep blues, black, orange and white with swirls, flecks and iridescence, within a stylish space design cardboard presentation box.

This Billes & Co Mini Box marble set is a stunning collection of 26 coloured glass marbles and flat marble pebbles in 5 different designs. A great portable assortment box for marble fun anywhere. Smooth, tactile and with a gloriously swirling hypnotic design, these fabulous marble sets are perfect for traditional marble games, marble runs and collecting. Each Billes & Co marble set is beautifully packaged in a recycled cardboard box, with the glass marbles sorted and arranged in rows inside. A great toy marble starter set, travel set or a fabulous addition to a growing marble collection.

Marble toys are loved by children for their tactile, sensory nature, and sorting and arranging will support fine motor skills and dexterity. Hold clear marbles up to the light and imagine the miniature worlds within! We love traditional kids' toys at Babipur, the Billes & Co marble sets are like miniature treasure boxes, timeless and captivating. 

This glass marble set makes a wonderful gift for the avid marble collector and will be loved by children and adults alike. Made from all natural and recycled materials, this eco-friendly marble set is entirely plastic-free. Explore this stunning marble range at Babipur.

  • Box of 26 glass marbles, 20 are ⌀16mm, 6 are ⌀14mm
  • Beautifully designed recycled cardboard presentation box
  • Designed and assembled in France