Carnivorous Plants Guide for Young Explorers

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Carnivorous plants are, without the shadow of a doubt, the member of the plant world that children find most intriguing! In a style that is simple and interesting as well as fun, this book brings together all of their characteristics along with many suggestions for growing them. Charles Darwin was the first to study these plants and recognise their extremely peculiar nature. He and his comically awkward assistant will guide the reader, knowledgably mixing scientific and historical data with an endless array of curious facts about the most bizarre plant ever created by Mother Nature. AGES: 7 plus AUTHOR: Rossella Trionfetti was born in 1984, as a child she frequented bookshops and libraries, hungry for illustrated books about animals, showing an early interest in the world of drawing. After her high school certificate in Applied Art, she specialised in the field of illustration and graphics attending a number of courses with professionals of the sector, including the MiMaster di Milano. She currently works as a children's illustrator, also collaborating in the creation of apps and interactive games.