Chamcham Sauce - Lemon Mustard Ganjang

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Type: Food

This ganjang is flavoured with our unique blend of mustard, lemon and soy sauce. It is savoury, tangy and refreshing. Perfect oriental salad dressing. Add a tangy twist to your dishes!

*Shake well before use

  • Perfect dipping sauce for

       -  Hot pot, BBQ meats, Korean pancakes, Rice paper rolls or Grilled fish

  • Drizzle on

        -  Asian slaw, Salad, Donburi, Poke bowls, Avocado on toast or Noodles

Vegan, Nut Free

Ingredients: Soy sauce, Rice wine, Rice vinegar, Sugar, Water, Lemon juice, Ginger, Mustard powder | Allergen information: Contains Wheat, Gluten and Soy.