Lauren Hinkley - Elastic Bracelet

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Type: Jewellery
Ocean Treasure - Filled with the trinkets and mementos of the sea, the Ocean Treasure Elastic Bracelet is made from the little personal treasures mermaids love. Beautiful shells in contrasting shades of aqua and lavender are held together between gorgeous purple labradorite gems, interspersed with gleaming white pearls. The shimmers have a little shiny shimmer to them, so they look great in the light
Hope Of The Sea - Like a candle in the darkest night, the Hope of the Sea shines brightly as a beacon in the deepest part of the ocean. As a little mermaid weaves her way the bracelet is like a bright lantern, a signal of hope to those who need it – she becomes a source of strength and spirit and leads people back to safety or towards the treasure they are seeking. The Hope of the Sea Elastic Bracelet is a luminescent bracelet, lined with pearls and clear gems, and finished with a beautiful clear white mermaid’s tail.
Mermaid's Song -Listen for the Mermaid’s Song, the song of beauty, of hope, and adventure. Wherever she goes she does so with fun and energy in her heart, and with a love for life and all the things around her. Carry the Mermaid’s Song with you wherever you go with the Mermaid’s Song Elastic Bracelet, embracing the spirit of the world like a joyful mermaid would.