Les petites merveilles – Amazing Crystals

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Grow your own crystals! With the supervision of an adult, this chemistry kit is intended for children ages 8yrs+

Pour boiling water into growing vessel. Add crystal powder. Stir with stick provided. Seal with lid and let cool for 60 minutes. Carefully open lid and place rock base into the growing vessel. Add crystal seeds onto the rock base. Seal lid tightly and allow for 24hrs of optimal crystal growth to begin. Use a flashlight each day to watch growth changes. When crystal clusters reach the water surface, pour out the solution. Crystal growth takes about 10-12 days depending on indoor temperatures. Wear gloves to remove the grown crystal from the growing base. Place on papertowel or old paper. Keep it in an undisturbed place away from sunshine and dry heat for another 1-2 days. The crystal can now be kept in a dry place.