Masoni - Panforte

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Type: Food

Fig And Walnut - This particular variety of panforte was born from an idea of Giuseppina Bonelli.
Due to the shortage of raw materials during wartime, she came up with a panforte containing the
dried fruit then available in Tuscany, that is dried figs and walnuts; figs and walnuts are two ingredients once considered poor,however today they enhance each other perfectly
creating a unique and successful product!

NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

Apricot And Pear - This new Panforte with its peculiar ingredients is a novelty created by Masoni to offer consumers a different flavour, gentler and more delicate.

The candied apricot and pear lend a soft and sweet quality to the product, while the ground roasted hazelnuts make it crunchy, for an outstanding and tasty result.

NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

Di Siena - The Panforte was prepared for the first time in 1879 on the occasion of a visit to Siena of queen Margherita to see the Palio. It was the occasion to present a Panforte that better mirrored the evolution of the taste and preference of consumers.