Mon Coco - Elastic Bracelet

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Type: Jewellery

Precious Penguin - One of the most endearing creatures in nature, the adorable penguin is at the centre of our Precious Penguin Bracelet. Nestled among wintry pendants in iridescent, snowy shades of white, our cute pink penguin stands out in a little red bow.

Candy Heart - There is nothing sweeter than a Candy Heart Bracelet, with its distinctive stripes in a gorgeous pastel gradient. This bracelet is filled with delicate resin flowers, each with a colourful centre ranging from pink to mint to lilac. Surrounded by a mix of shimmery and shiny pendants, this bracelet is sure to please.

Sweet Heart - Does your little one have adorable freckles? That’s what the Sweet Heart Bracelet evokes a memory of. Filled with a wonderful mix of transparent, shimmery, and speckled charms, this bracelet proves that little spots bring a lot of joy.

Lollipop Heart - One of the sweetest treats also makes for the cutest accessory: the Lollipop Heart Bracelet. Featured on a bracelet with pink crystal, shimmery silver, and semi-transparent pendants, each complements the candy-coated theme. A tribute to that favourite sugar candy, our Lollipop Heart isn’t edible but is just as sweet

Unicorn Shimmer - If your little one is a little dazzler, then the Unicorn Shimmer Bracelet is the one for them! Our rare and unique unicorn has a glittering gold and pink mane with an enchanted horn to match. She is surrounded by a collection of iridescent, gold-speckled, and solid-coloured pendants, some gleaming gold, and others pink crystal. This is a fierce bracelet for a little one full of spirit

Rainbow Petal - An explosion of fun and colour, the Rainbow Petal Bracelet is a kaleidoscope of textures and patterns. Coming alive with a mix of glittering, shimmering pendants, some with gorgeous floral patterns and others that are beautiful transparent crystal-coloured, it is topped off with a large flower whose rainbow petals are a true delight to little ones.

Ice Cream Sprinkles - A single scoop of strawberry ice-cream with sprinkles on top makes for a fabulous treat for a lover of all things sweet. The Ice-Cream Sprinkles Bracelet features beautiful lilac, blush pink, and a luxe wintermint alongside silver and gold pendants for the perfect gift.