Nordic Kids - Wooden Figurines

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Type: Toys

Spark the imagination with this hand-crafted and delicately painted figurine. Makes a fantastic decorative piece or collectible

Material - Birch Wood

Giraffe -W8.5 x H12.5 x D2.5cm 40g

Elephant -W11 x H8.5 x D4cm 70g

Llama -W7.5 x H11.5 x D3cm 40g

Kangaroo -W10 x H11 x D3.5cm 40g

Zebra - W11.5 x H10.5 x D3cm 40g

Cow -W12 x H11 x D4cm 60g

Womabt - W8 x H4.5 x D3cm 30g

Koala - W6 x H8.5 x D4cm 40g

Pig -W8.5 x H7.5 x D3.5cm 40g

Dog - W10 x H6 x D3cm 30g

Cat -W5 x H7 x D3cm 30g

Cavalier King Charles - W9 x H7 x D3.5cm 30g