Roobee Roo - Linen Dolls

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Type: Soft Toys

When we started Roobee Roo in 2019, we set out to give 100,000 meals. We didn't know how we would do it, but self-published books seemed like a good place to start. Amazingly, people liked our books. We got one-tenth of the way there before running out of books to sell. That was a great start, but we want to give more. A lot more.

Each doll sold provides 5 nutritious meals for Australian school programs and community support initiatives around the country.

Why you'll love this doll

It's heirloom, so you can keep it in the family.
It's made from linen, so it looks and feels gorgeous.
It's also made from felt, so you can put your own magic in Roobee Roo's pouch.
It's handmade, so you appreciate the imperfections. Every Roobee Roo is unique.
It's got a cotton drawstring bag, so you can take travel-size Roobee Roo everywhere and spread sunshine wherever you go.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.