Stacy the Labradoodle in giftbox - 17 cm - 6.5"

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Type: Plush

"You know, they tell me I’m the cutest doodle. And honestly, I agree. I’m the perfect amount of fluff, mischief and cute. And I have a great personality too. Not to mention brains. And yes, I have done it all. The backpacking through Europe and sailing across the Atlantic. We climbed a few volcano’s here and there, got our kicks on Route 66 and came back zen from a bunch of Bali retreats. Then got myself a steady career in modeling. But you know, it’s just not doing it for me anymore. Always having to be cute. So I decided I’m off! I’m taking a break and I leave for space next Wednesday. They don’t call me Stacy Spacey for nothing. Don’t come looking for me!" #chapsforlife