Tails of the Unexpected: A Journal of Memories and Misadventures of my Dog

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Type: Journals

Whether you have just adopted a new puppy, or taken in an older dog, this journal is a must-have keepsake in which to record crucial, un-fur-gettable information about your pooch as well as the special role they fulfil in your life.

Over 100 simple questions and prompts enable you to record your first days together including how you prepared for your dog’s arrival (including details of any fur-ternity leave) and how you chose their name.

From their laugh-out-loud antics and eccentricities, practical information including their vaccination and flea logs, to the things you love doing together, this journal covers all areas of your relationship with your much-loved dog and the completed journal will serve as a precious memento to be treasured for years to come.