The Magical Unicorn Society - Baby Unicorns

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This beautifully illustrated compendium brings together tales of rare encounters with young unicorns, called younglings, from each of the eight unicorn families. Each story tells the tale of a special relationship formed between a youngling and a baby animal, as witnessed by a young person who is then bonded with the unicorn for life. Find out how a Mountain Jewel unicorn creates a lifelong bond with a wild panda cub and a young man, and follow the Water Moons as they help a young girl and a baby dolphin save their island from a sea monster.

Discover the differences between younglings and adult unicorns, from magical powers that are just developing to the colours of their coats and tails. Follow the flow chart to find out which baby unicorn would be your best friend and discover what happens when a unicorn is born and what their favourite foods are.

The book also features an introduction by Valentina Luz, the head of the Baby Unicorn division at the Magical Unicorn Society.