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Type: Kitchenware

A very well designed storage solution, from the boxes themselves to the accessories:

  • stackable boxes, dishwasher-safe, without phtalates or BPA
  • a variety of shapes and sizes that can hold everything from spaghetti to truffles
  • adaptable graters that can be used to grate cheese and other things on a board or directly into a storage box
  • esthetically pleasing labels so you can identify the contents of a box at a glance

Stelton is a Danish company founded in the 1960s by two designers, Niels Stellan and Carton Madelaire, who hooked up with a factory specializing in stainless steel, Danish Stainless. Their first success was a stainless steel bowl (right).

But Stelton really got going when Peter Holmblad became general director. Son-in-law of famed designer-architect Arne Jacobsen, it was only natural that Homblad suggest the two work together. If the wonderful Cylinda Line took a little time to take off, it was because global success was waiting!

Peter Holmblad put his all into this design, fully aware that everyday household objects were produced by hundreds of companies and that they all looked the same. After Arne Jacobsen's death in 1971, Holmblad went in search of new product ideas. In 1977, he asked a young designer, Erik Magnussen, to create a thermos, a product that was very much in fashion at the time. Magnussen managed to stay faithful to the spirit of the Cylinda Line while creating a truly innovative concept.

Since then, over 10 million Stelton thermoses have been sold, and the model has been awarded many prizes by the design community. The Stelton water filter jug is a direct descendant of this inspired genius!

Rig-Tig reflects Stelton's willingness to innovate, combining design values, respect for the environment, and affordable prices. A concept that works: Stelton's stackable storage boxes received the Red Dot Design Award 2012 (Germany)