Why Am I Like This

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Why can’t I stop taking photos? Why do I always feel like I’m missing out? Why can’t I remember why I walked into this room? In Why Am I Like This?, Dr. Jen Martin delves into the science behind our strangest thoughts and habits, from why smells make us homesick to why we stick our tongues out when we’re concentrating.

Explaining the quirks and oddities of our daily lives in a comprehensive yet accessible way, this book is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever stopped to wonder ‘why?’.

Dr Jen Martin is an award-winning educator with a PhD from the University of Melbourne. She founded and teaches the University's science communication program, runs the blog espressoscience.com, has a popular weekly radio segment, 'Weird Science', on Australia's largest independent radio station Triple R and has been a co-host of Triple R's popular Sunday science show, 'Einstein-a-go-go', for more than a decade.